Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center

JOB SUMMARY: Performs security services, including electronic surveillance and systematic manual Security Officers’ rounds. Coordinates facility response to various potential problems for patients, employees and visitors. Enforces policy & procedures, ensuring equitable enforcement. Follows guidelines and perpetual monitoring techniques towards establishing a safe workplace for employees and a safe environment of care. Works with the Environment of Care committee to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to security and safety. Participates in employee awareness and education. Driving as needed for company business.


  1. Behavioral violence prevention certification as required.
  2. Experience in healthcare security or related field preferred.
  3. High School Diploma or Equivalent required.
  4. Current state driver’s license upon hire.
  5. Current DMV H6 report.


Ensures that the facility and campus is safe. Performs checks/surveys of interior areas and well as exterior areas of the facility. Ensures that specific areas are locked & secure.

Documents all checks/surveys and incidents on daily reports & incident reports.

Intervenes and/or assists when potential violence in indicated. Uses proper techniques to alleviate potential violence and assists the staff in properly restraining violent persons when necessary for the safety of the person and or staff.

Identifies potential security issues and takes appropriate action for correction.

Performs security services for the staff and investigates security incidents.

Maintains the operation of all security equipment and reports malfunctioning equipment.

Able to execute emergency procedures in a crisis situation involving a disaster situation. Able to execute emergency procedure and properly secure the facility.

Will inspect and monitor facility plant equipment in the absence of Engineering staff. Able to verify that all gauges are in normal parameters and reset equipment as directed by the Engineering staff. Able to record pertinent information on the log book.

Will perform minor adjustments to facility equipment in the absence of Engineering staff. Able to perform minor adjustments to thermostats and other related equipment.